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The R.A.T.S. has been providing live theatre to the town of Rushden in Northamptonshire for more than 50 years. We perform regularly at the Pemberton Centre in the town, with a pantomime every January, and most summers we perform a play, which is usually a comedy. New members from the age of 5 upwards are always welcome.

School For Murder

written by Gordon Oliver

published by Jasper Publishing

21st - 23rd May 2015 at the Pemberton Centre.


Geoffrey Taylor David Wicks
Malcolm Crawford Daniel Fortune
Janice Foster Lesley Evans
Audrey WiltonGillIan Tidbury
Miss Chambers Clair Bellamy
Charles Grosvenor John Curson
P.C. Cockburn Anthony Curson
D.C.I. DillingerRichard Llewellyn

Blenton High School is due an inspection and tensions are running high. The Head teacher, Audrey Wilton, is driving all her staff to distraction in her effort to drive standards up. She's vocal in her disapproval of Chemistry teacher Geoffrey's relaxed approach and she certainly doesn't have time for any excuses from the overworked Maths teacher, Malcolm. The poor caretaker, Miss Chambers, is at her wits end trying to cope with all the building works.

The only one in worse shape is poor Janice Foster. She's more tense than everyone else for some reason and is releasing her stress by singing. The overbearing governor completes the stressful line-up, and he's in league with the Head teacher, and up to no good.

When things go drastically wrong, D.C.I.Dillinger and PC Cockburn are called in to sort things out at the School For Murder!

This was the world premiere of this show. The first written by Gordon Oliver.

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