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RATS Privacy Policy

This is the Privacy Policy for the Rushden Amateur Theatrical Society and details how we handle personal data.

Privacy Policy

Processing of non-member data

Tickets – Information collected on the website through the booking form is purely used for the sale of tickets to our shows. This includes, name and contact details as well as the ticket booking request. The information supplied is compiled into an email at the point of submission and sent via email to our booking office. The email is only retained until after the completion of the show in question. If the customer has requested to pay via PayPal, only the required information is passed on to PayPal in order to create the invoice.

Mailing list – Members of the public are able to subscribe to our mailing list on the website, either by ticking the subscribe option on the booking form, or by entering their email address on the subscription form on the website. Only the email address is stored and is kept on the same secure server that holds our website, currently managed by our hosting service provided by The email address will never be used for any purpose other than sending out details of current shows or other news and information pertinent to the Rushden Amateur Theatrical Society. The mailing list can be unsubscribed from at any time by using the same form on the website that was used to subscribe – access is via the link on the homepage or an email sent via the list.

Cookies are not used on this site and no personally identifiable tracking data is collected as a result of using this site.

Processing of member data

Member information is held solely for the purpose of running the Rushden Amateur Theatrical Society and the advertising of it’s various shows and events. Member data is held for the duration of their membership and includes name, address and contact details, as well as subscription status. This data is held by the secretary solely for the purposes of managing the society membership and keeping our members informed on the societies activities. In the event that membership lapses, this information will be kept no longer than 1 year unless specifically requested by the member.

Newex – Members of the Newex are, by definition, children. Data held on Newex members is the same as a standard member of the society with the addition of their Parent/Guardian contact details and consent for any activities carried out by the group.

All data is held securely in accordance with the GDPR (2018). We will not pass this data on to any third party under any circumstances and no data is held outside of the EU. In the event that any person wishes to know what information is held by the society, a subject access request may be made direct to the chairman by emailing from the email we have on file for you. Corrections can be made in the same manner. In the event any uncertainty regarding the identity of the person making the request, further means of identifying the subject of the request may be required. In the extremely unlikely event of a data breach, we will inform those affected as soon as possible advising the nature and extent of the breach and what data is affected.

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