Rushden Amateur Theatrical Society

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The Committee

Without the committee, the R.A.T.S. would not exist. To ensure shows go ahead and that they are publicised, the finances are kept in order, social events get organised, the New Experience functions, and a myriad of other jobs get done, the R.A.T.S. committee works behind the scenes throughout the year.

The R.A.T.S. Committee

The current committee was elected at the last R.A.T.S. AGM. The members consist of the following.

ChairmanJohn Curson
TreasurerJohn Curson
SecretaryGillian Tidbury
ProductionKaye Rawlins
Gwen Green
Public RelationsRussell Green
Tina Curson
Gordon Oliver
SocialAsh Pott
Child Protection OfficerKaye Rawlins
NewexTanya Hinds

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