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The R.A.T.S. has been providing live theatre to the town of Rushden in Northamptonshire for more than 50 years. We perform regularly at the Heritage Chapel and Halls, with a pantomime every January, and most summers we perform a play, which is usually a comedy. New members from the age of 5 upwards are always welcome.

Our next production is

Babes in the Wood

at the The Heritage Chapel and Halls. Park Road, Rushden.

3rd - 12th January 2019

There are Matinee performances on the 5th, the 6th and the 12th

Matinee performances start at 14:15. Evening performances start at 19:15.

Ticket prices between £8.00 and £10.00.

There is no performance on the 8th, the 9th and the 10th

Online booking now available - click here

You all know the story of Robin Hood, don't you? How he robbed from the rich and gave to the poor, lived in Sherwood Forest and loved Maid Marion, while at the same time tweaking the Sheriff of Nottingham's nose and bopping him very firmly on the bonce.

You all know that story, right?

Did you know there were other stories about Robin Hood that were not quite so well known? Our tale tells of the two wards of the Sheriff, Lucinda and Elizabeth, of how the Sheriff is stony broke and plots against them to get their money, and of how Robin Hood and his Merry Men thwart those evil plans and save those babes from a dismal and gloomy demise.

Don't you know that one? You'll have to come and see the show then...

Principal Cast

Lucinda (babe)Isobel Oliver
Elizabeth  (babe)Maya Edgeworth
Maid MarionBecky Williams
StewardMilly Wrighton
Sheriff of NottinghamStewart Ivatt
Dame Petunia PeasbodyGordon Oliver
SprinklerAbigail Edwards
Goodde Rita Blackall
BaddeSummer Mayston-White
Robin HoodAmy Richardson
Little JohnJarrel Archer
Friar TuckGeorge Fortescue
Much the MillerGillian Tidbury
Will ScarletHannah Porter
Alan a DaleSkye Plumb
Town CrierConnie Dennison
King RichardJohn Curson
Citizen of NottinghamBeth Lawman
Citizen of NottinghamEllie Lawman
Citizen of NottinghamSydney Wrighton

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