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The R.A.T.S. has been providing live theatre to the town of Rushden in Northamptonshire for more than 50 years. We perform regularly at the Heritage Chapel and Halls, with a pantomime every January, and most summers we perform a play, which is usually a comedy. New members from the age of 5 upwards are always welcome.

Our next production is

Love and Money

by Raymond Hopkins

18th - 20th July 2020

Performances start at 19:30.

Principal Cast

Derek FeltonAbout forty-eight. Wears casual clothes. Has a very materialistic outlook on life. Not always truthful. Will grab every opportunity that the world offers, plus some that it does not. A lovable rogue.
Pauline FeltonAbout forty-five. (Wife of Derek) Good dress sense. Down to earth, honest and sincere. A complete opposite to Derek, but that seems to keep the marriage alive.
The Rev. Peter JonesAbout thirty-three. (Local Vicar) Not much dress sense. A very saintly Christian who has given his life to the church. He is shy and naive when it comes to girls. His romantic passions have never been switched on!
Joyce ClementsAbout fifty-two. (Neighbour) Slightly overweight. Very mixed temperament. Lives alone, next door to Pauline and Derek. Not much money, therefore, finds life hard going. Will need an 'over the top' makeover during play.
Amy FeltonAbout nineteen. (Daughter of Derek and Pauline) Good looking and petite. Has very definite views on life, especially on animal rights. Likes a boyfriend whom she can dominate.
P.C. Ben DraperAbout twenty-five. (Local Policeman) Smart in appearance. A likeable person, but also a bit gullible. Someone you can easily feel sorry for.
Elizabeth AndersonAbout twenty-five. (Scenes of Crime Officer) Slim, attractive and intelligent. She has had lots of men friends, but never found that special one.
Tony PeckAbout twenty. (The Burglar and boyfriend) A bit scruffy. Comes from a poor background. Not very well educated. Lacks communication skills. His favourite word is all right, which he pronounces or-wight. Only child. Mummy's boy.

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